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Rugged, durable and fire-proof surface

Natural concrete finish

Secure 5-7 days pallet delivery

Unique and lovely patterns

Concrete 3D wall panels

We are introducing our 3D Concrete Wall Panel Collection, a durable and versatile option for your home or office.

Architectural 3D panels are made 100% from concrete and feature a hard finish, making them perfect for interior and exterior use. They are also fire-resistant and waterproof, ensuring safety and longevity for your space. In addition, the 3D design adds depth and dimension to your walls, giving them a unique and modern look.

Upgrade your space with our functional and stylish 3D Concrete Wall Panels, available now in our online store

3D concrete wall panels Decormania
Concrete 3D Wall Panel CRYSTAL - 3D Concrete Panels | DecorMania
Concrete Wall Panel INTERIOR - 120 x 60 cm - Concrete Panels | DecorMania

Naturally porous concrete surfaces

Experience the beauty and functionality of architectural concrete surfaces. Our precise casting process ensures minimal air bubbles.

Architectural concrete in 3D forms

Experience the beauty and durability of concrete in your home decor. Our 3D wall panels combine modern aesthetics with the proven strength, water resistance, and fireproof qualities of this versatile material.

Concrete panels are perfect with wood

Discover the versatility and beauty of concrete surfaces in your home. Enhance your space with the seamless integration of wood and concrete.

Authentic Concrete Creations

Looking for a long-lasting solution for high traffic areas? Our concrete panels are scratch-proof and resistant to damage, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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Concrete wall panels 3D effect - Decormania

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DecorMania delivery service

To make sure that your order is in perfect condition, we deliver our concrete panels on specially pre-built wooden pallets with full insurance and online tracking.

Concrete panels installation accessories

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