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Decormania: Pioneering Aesthetic Excellence in Wall Decor

Established in September 2018 by the visionary WallSET team, Decormania has rapidly emerged as a specialist in the realm of decorative wall solutions. Our online store is a testament to our commitment to bringing innovative and high-quality wall decor products to our discerning retail customers across the UK.

Our Expertise:
At Decormania, we pride ourselves on our expertise in wall aesthetics. Our curated selection features an array of products crafted from premium gypsum and concrete moulds, each designed to transform spaces with their unique appeal. Our product range has evolved to encompass a diverse array of decorative items, including state-of-the-art acoustic wall panels, 3D concrete tiles, and an assortment of decorative covings, cornices, and modern architectural moulds.

Expanding Horizons:
Our dedication to offering exceptional value and service to DIY enthusiasts and home decorators has led to the expansion of our range. We now proudly include a comprehensive collection of 3D wall products from WallSET, as well as selections from other renowned manufacturers.

Exclusive UK Supplier:
Decormania stands out as the exclusive UK supplier of groundbreaking products such as the concrete range from WallSET and the acoustic soft panels from Fluffo. We are committed to providing unparalleled sales and technical support throughout the UK, ensuring our customers receive the best in both product quality and customer service.

Experience and Collaboration:
With many years of experience in the building industry, we have established strong relationships with architects, interior designers, and builders across the UK. Our expertise is not just in supplying products but also in understanding the nuances of architectural design and interior aesthetics.

Connect with Us:
We invite you to explore the world of Decormania and discover how our products can redefine your space. For further information, sample requests, or brochures, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your vision of perfect interior design.

Visit us at – where walls meet artistry.

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concrete lamellas, stripes. 3D wall panels from VHCT
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