ALANNA Ceiling Rose

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A lightweight PU ceiling rose which is light, strong and very easy to install
in comparison to heavy plaster products.


  • When choosing your rose take into consideration the size and height of your room.
  • Perfect for commercial and DIY projects also light enough for just one person to fix.
  • Pre-primed with a smooth white base layer ready for painting with your preferred finish.
  • A rough back surface to ensure optimum bonding.
  • Very precise patterns and structure with exceptional resistance to breaking and shocks.
  • Water and humidity resistant as a result makes them suitable for installation in kitchens and bathrooms.

Technical Specification

  • MODEL NAME: Alanna
  • DIAMETER: 74 cm
  • MATERIAL: High Density Polyurethane

Ceiling roses are manufactured in the E.U.

Delivery TIME

NMC Decors are usually in stock.
The delivery lead time between 7-14 days.

We deliver ceiling roses in secure and safe packaging in cardboard boxes.
All decors are quality checked before the shipping.
Delivery service by courier - signature required.



We recommend using suitable DECOR GRIP Plus adhesive.

We offer 5 years warranty for the product.

Why to use our ceiling roses?


Our ceiling roses are lightweight and easy to handle!


Ceiling decors are fully water resistant. They're safe with leaking ceilings or water stains!  

Quick & easy to install

Ceiling roses are very easy to install, cut, joint and also to decorate!

Excellent design

We offer ceiling roses design from modern look to victorian finishes.