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Fluffo IZO soundproof wall panels

Introducing Fluffo IZO, the ultimate solution for soundproofing your commercial space. These panels are designed with an additional hard foam layer on the back, providing a barrier against sound and noise pollution. When installed on an entire wall, these panels act as a sound barrier and absorb noise, making them perfect for use in recording studios, home theaters, and other high-sound isolation environments.

Fluffo IZO panels are made from premium materials and finished with a luxurious flocked suede texture, providing improved acoustics and a stylish look. With 56 available colours, panels can be easily integrated into any design scheme, and the flocked suede finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Installation is easy thanks to the included suspension kit, allowing you to hang these panels from your wall. With the high sound isolation properties of the Fluffo IZO, you can create a private and quiet environment for recording, working, or relaxing.

Upgrade your commercial space with Fluffo IZO and enjoy the perfect balance of soundproofing, style, and comfort. In addition, achieve a high-performance sound isolation environment with these premium panels.

Production and delivery time in 1-3 weeks

Acoustic and sounproofing panels!

Easy and quick to install

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Recommended adhesive:

We recommend using Den Braven Mammuth adhesive for Fluffo Fire Resist panels.

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Fluffo panels are made to order. To make sure that your order is in perfect condition, we deliver our soft panels in boxes by courier with full insurance and online tracking.

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