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DecorMania sales support

Start trading with professionals

Trade customer support

Our skilled and capable sales support will assist you in providing the best technical support, samples and design service Assistance with order processing and help in delivery tracking ensures client satisfaction.

Worldwide logistics

We send out products internationally, providing service to the U.K., EU, Canada, and USA. Special transportation options for large and custom items. Keep track of your order online and receive full insurance for non-standard deliveries.

Open a Trade Account with DecorMania

Boost your business with unique and quality acoustic wall products. Improve your projects with our products and bespoke service. Enhance the acoustics of your space with our premium acoustic wall products, designed to boost productivity and creativity.

Please fill in trade account form and apply for trade prices!

Wallset Concrete wall panel sample box - | DecorMania
Concrete panel samples - Trade account Decormania
Upholstered Panels - fabric sample - Upholstered 3D Wall Panels | DecorMania

FAQ: Opening a Trade Account with DecorMania

What do I need to open a trade account?

To open a trade account with us, you must have a registered and trading company within the UK. This ensures that we can offer our trade services and benefits directly to businesses engaged in the industry.

How do I set up a trade account?

Setting up a trade account is straightforward. Simply fill in your request on our dedicated trade account setup page. After we review your application, we will send you a price list along with our proposed discounted trade prices and terms of sale. This process is designed to be efficient and tailored to meet your business needs. Click here to apply.

What discounts will I receive?

We offer various trade discounts, depending on the product you wish to resell. Discounts typically range from 10% to up to 30% for regular trade orders on selected products. We aim to support your business by offering competitive prices. For more details on how we can meet your specific needs, please get in touch with us.

What are the benefits of setting up a trade account?

By setting up a trade account with Decormania, you'll gain access to a plethora of benefits designed to support and grow your business. These benefits include:

  • Access to all our products at discounted rates
  • Dedicated account manager, priority response, individual quotations and requests
  • Availability of samples, 3D files, and high-quality product images
  • Assistance with design for selected products
  • Provision of necessary certificates (fire resistance, water resistance, sound absorption, hygienic certificates) and technical data upon request
    Our aim is to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to succeed.
  • Logistic support and delivery information
How soon can I open a trade account?

The full application process for opening a trade account with Decormania takes up to 48 hours. We strive to review and process your application promptly so you can start enjoying the benefits of your trade account without delay.

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