3D GYPSUM Decorative Wall Panels

NEW innovative wall decor solutions. Decorative 3D wall panels made from casted plaster. Easy to install, joint and decorate.

Model Crushed Rock

100% natural

Soft Buttons - 3D wall panel

for any interiors

the feature

seamless walls

3D Wall panel Sandstorm

100% eco-friendly

3D wall Art

3D decorative gypsum panels are the perfect solution for all kinds of interiors.

Break the monotonous look of your plain walls with 3D Gypsum panels by composing your own individual 3D feature wall!.


3D Gypsum Panels product features:


Gypsum Panels are made from 100% natural and safe components.

Sound Wave

High denisty gypsum will help to reduce noise and sound echo.

Easy to install

Gypsum Panels are very easy and quick to install and work with.

Fire resistant

3D Gypsum panels are 100% fire proof and heat resistant.

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