"Square" 3D Wall Brass decor Model 1

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 We are pleased to present the latest wall jewellery product. Our factory is being the first to use traditional casting technology to create unique 3D wall panels. 
PAP DECO range is a unique and exclusive decoration that will appreciate people who love beauty and uniqueness. The metal decorations of PAP DECO will suit beautifully in the hotel lobby, representative office spaces as well as in homes or apartments - wherever we care about the glamorous look.
The panels should be mounted on suitable PAP tube adhesive. Brass decors are ready to install on the wall. We recommend to create your own pattern considering wall dimensions and to provide esthetic and smart design concept. 

"Square" 3D Wall Brass decor Model 1

Our 3D feature wall products are the perfect match with indirect spotlights 
or LED lighting. 

Product type: Brass
Width: 200mm*
Height: 200mm*
Thickness: 5-15mm
Weight: 1.7 kg 

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Minimum order 3 pieces.