3D Brass Wall Decor

Our 3D wall jewellery.
Available in different great shapes and many finishes: silver, brass, copper and patina colour.
Elegant and contemporary wall decors.

Hand crafted

BrassDecor elements are designed using latest technology but the final product is hand crafted and quality checked.  

Safe & colourful

Each decor contains 100% solid brass and it's scratchproof, fire resistant, fully recyclable and also safe for the environment.

Easy to install

BrassDecors are extremely easy to install. Simply glue the decor to the desired locations and create amazing wall features and unique patterns.  

Metal Artwork

Highest quality metallic finish and exceptional design its making this product a very sophisticated rare and unique piece of art.

All panels are manufactured in the E.U.

Brass decors are ready to be installed on the wall.
Create unique designs and patterns to add charm and style to your interior.
The panels can be glued/mounted using Mammuth adhesive. We offer 5 years warranty for the product.

3D PolyFOAM Collection:

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